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asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]

Kind of adding? Tell me where I know you from :D

Dear Yuletide Author (2016)
asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]
Hello, author! I'm so excited to be getting an awesome story from you! I'm so happy we matched. This is my second Yuletide; last year was so much fun I wanted to do it again. I'm pretty happy with anything, so feel free to do whatever – you don't have to do the random prompts I've mentioned here, it's just some suggestions. If you feel moved to go with something you come up with then go for it!

Likes: UST/pining, complex relationships, snarky banter, AUs (of almost any kind, except high school au — soulmates, super powers, reincarnation, canon divergence!!!, Groundhog Day, time difference, etc etc), found families, partners in crime, unreliable narrators, angst + hurt/comfort, happy endings, kisses, bed sharing, sitting in laps, world building, character development, getting-together fics, enemies to friends to lovers, co-dependency, fix-it fics. I'm easy to please, really. I like shippy fics, but it isn't a requirement for me if you don't want to. I would be happy with friendship fic for the characters I asked for.

For more explicit-rated stuff: I do like it in fics, but I'm okay without it if you don't want to. Things I like: first times, heated and violent, rough sex, breath play, bondage, light sub/dom, frontage, coming in pants, hair pulling, orgasm delay, messy sex, come play, power bottoms, rushed rendezvous, kink discovery, sitting in someone's lap, voyeurism, etc. I'm pretty into lots of kink things and open to stuff as long as it doesn't go into my no-goes.

Please no: no character death, or extreme angst with no happy ending, non-con, a/b/o, mpreg, age play, watersports/scat, kid!fic.

The fandoms!!!

In the Heights

I love everyone in this show. I love the community atmosphere of it, the friendliness, the interactions between the characters. For this fandom, I'd love something post-canon – what happens after those few eventful days? What about after the summer? I'm here Nina/Vanessa!! Give me some pining as they realize that they like each other, and dealing with that. Maybe after canon and before Nina goes back to college. What if Vanessa just doesn't just move out of the barrio, what if she goes to California with Nina? And then I also love Benny/Usnavi, too! Them being so awkward as they try to overcome their anxiety to get together, and then then making it work! Just anything with them, really. Or — a big polyamorous group! Benny/Usnavi/Nina/Vanessa! The canon couples are together, but then they realize they're also crushing on the others so...they solve that problem by all of them hooking up together. Also, I am a fan of Pete/Sonny. Sonny and Graffiti Pete hanging out and exploring their relationship; Pete vandalizing a wall in Sonny's honor; them cute together, Sonny getting angry about everything and Pete calming him down.

So really, I'm good with anything. I'd be okay with the canon couples too, even. AUs are fun for this!

Available here to listen on YouTube.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
Natalya "Natasha" Ilyinichna Rostova/Marya "Mary" Nikolaevna Bolkonskaya

The musical is so great!!! I recommend it to everyone. What I desire is Natasha/Mary. I love how over the course of it, Mary begins to like Natasha (her saying she I cannot help loving you to Natasha, omg). Possible ideas: Natasha and Mary talking post-canon, becoming friends after the whole Anatole situation has died down and then coming to an understanding, Mary saying it's probably for the best that Natasha doesn't marry into their family. But then they continue to talk and become close. Pining!!! Huddling for warmth in front a fireplace during Russian winters? Them hanging out in Pierre's study? Secret kisses in gardens??? Natasha telling Mary how lovely she is, and Mary accepting Natasha and loving her when almost everyone else has scorned her. Or modern aus! Like, Natasha being like "sorry I'm breaking up with you to date your sister" at Andrey. I'm just dying for anything with them, really.

Listen to the album here.

John Adams
John Adams/Thomas Jefferson

I am fascinated by the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. How it spans through the years of them being friends, then enemies, and then friends again. I would love any exploration of them during any of those times. Young guys during the war time and writing the documents for their new country, when they're in France, when Adams is president and Jefferson is Vice President, the disaster of election of 1800 (I mean, Adams wrote that Jefferson died and people should vote for him instead, and then the aftermath of that, and then there's that time where they wrote letters and mended their friendship until they died on the same day hours apart. I am so here for pining on both parts, then UST resolved finally because they're both so awkward it takes a while. What goes on in France? I'm sure a lot of sexy stuff could happen there. I would love a n y t h i n g with these guys. Modern AUs, whatever. Adams as a disgruntled businessman and Jefferson works at the bookstore Adams goes to work at when he wants some quiet. AU where America didn't get independence and Adams and Jefferson stay in France. Anything! And threesomes with Abigail Adams are accepted, and lived.

Hamilton RPF

I love this cast sooooooo much. They're all so lovely and just. Gosh. I adore them. I love their interactions. I would love canon verse, or any kind of AU. I am requesting something with Lin/Leslie because I love the fact that their characters have so much tension, but then in person they are so fun and carefree. I'd love anything between these two – did you know they shared a dressing room when the show is at the Public? Perhaps something with that; Lin stressing about things and Leslie calming him down. Do hey have rehearsals all on their own, then things happen??? Or about maybe how Leslie was all starry/eyed over Lin from afar but then they met and then Lin was impressed with Leslie and got all starry-eyed over him. Just. Anything.
And then I'm also requesting Pippa and Jasmine, because I'd loveeeee something with the two of them together. I love them. Look at the pictures of them when they went to Disney together for inspiration. They're awesome ladies and I need fic for them. Them just having fun and doing whatever as fuck buddies, or a complex relationship. I'll be happy with anything with them.

**** not required to include all the characters requested!!! I'd be okay with any combination, ones mentioned or otherwise, or all four together, three of the four, etc etc. do whatever ****

Stranger things

Steven, Nancy, and Jonathan. My monster hunting favorites. I love their development of how independently they all become something you wouldn't have thought of in the beginning. I'm here things after the finale of the first season, when Nancy and Steven are together and they pull Jonathan to them. And then the three of them are all "How do threesomes work?" because this is the really 1980s and people didn't talk about these things. I'd love to see them have some wonderful polyamory happen. And then maybe the three of them fighting more monsters and stuff? Kicking ass? I want it all.

Anyway. I look forward to whatever you write for me, I can't wait to read it! <3

Dear Yuletide Author (2015)
asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]
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hey all
asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]
I just did a flist cut. It was time; a lot it was ~dead journals that haven't updated in a year (or three...), or if we've never interacted here or on other places around the Internet. If you think I've made a mistake (it happens! I've done it before. Clicking boxes can be difficult sometimes!) It's nothing personal, I just needed to tidy my LJ a bit.

bye <3

DW | Rose Tyler
The past few days have been lazy. I only have one more episode of Orphan Black to watch; that show is really good! Now I know why everyone kind of went nuts over it...at one point I was watching and I was like "wow she can do the other woman's accent really well!" but then I was all lolololol it's the same actress. But yeah, another good show.

I had never bought anything from eBay before, but I did a couple weeks ago. There was a good price on a DVD set I wanted, so I got it. Then like 4 hours after I bought it eBay removed all the seller's listings. The seller said he would still ship it out. Well, I got it today and...yeah. It was advertised as "brand new" which this is not. The plastic case is all scuffed up and at the bottom is kind of torn, and the DVDs were dirty and smudged and some have scratches on the bottom. I just emailed the seller to ask for a refund...lets hope he gives one. Needless to say, I won't ever buy from eBay again. Or least a very long time idk.

Yesterday, on a whim, I bought this blue mascara that makes my eyelashes bright blue. It's pretty nifty. Then last night I was watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. This is weird for me because I haven't worn makeup regularly since high school. What's going on with me LOL. I have to be careful though because my eyes are kind of downturned or whatever (my mom says I could impersonate a crossdressing Elvis because I kind of have eyes like his), and if I don't do it right my eyes look very droopy.

Our plan this week has been to clean around the house a lot. Things have gotten really messy and unorganized and we need to call people in to fix things (such as the refrigerator). Ugh, such a pain. The only thing about a family living in the same for 25+ years is that soooo much clutter accumulates.

~so exciting~

Oscar talk
Matt Smith | stripes

So the Oscars are tonight! I watched many of the movies nominated for things so I wanted to jot down my thoughts about them. (let's hope the HTML doesn't bork since the lj app likes to do that)

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asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]
I just did a flist cut or whatever. I've been meaning to for awhile. It isn't ever easy. If someone hasn't posted anything in years (or any posts visable to me), or we haven't interacted in years. I've changed a lot, so it's probably for the best. The times were good.

If you feel like I made a mistake, leave a comment; they're screened. Otherwise, see you around.

friend's cut; 9.19.11
asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]
So I just made a cut, if you can't see this entry, you have been removed.. I hate these things, but it had to be done. My flist has gotten quite insane lately (150+!), and I feel bad that there are some of you making posts and I don't do anything about it. I have changed a lot in the past couple of years when I may have originally added you, and now our interests may have drifted into different directions. That's alright. It has been good and fun. If I have removed you and you feel that it's a mistake, comment away - they're screened. I wish you all the best ♥

books & movies in 2011
Glee | Sue and Schue
Because this year I'm going to actually keep track of this stuff.
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friends cut;;
DW | Eleven :D
I just completed a friend's cut.  It was mostly dead journals, or ones that I can't remember ever commenting on my entries or just never connected.  If you feel like I've made a mistake, feel free to leave a comment (because it is very well that I may have made a mistake, I had like 10 tabs open).  Otherwise, hope you do well, and see you around ♥