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hey all
asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]
I just did a flist cut. It was time; a lot it was ~dead journals that haven't updated in a year (or three...), or if we've never interacted here or on other places around the Internet. If you think I've made a mistake (it happens! I've done it before. Clicking boxes can be difficult sometimes!) It's nothing personal, I just needed to tidy my LJ a bit.

bye <3

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I'm not going to lie -- I was worried. I've had so many people who I thought were close friends delete me so... i'm thankful ♥

Oh bb you don't have to worry! You've been around for years and you aren't going anywhere :D

thx for keeping me! i know i rarely ever come around lj anymore.

we talk on twitter a lot, so of course I'd keep you <3

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