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DW | Rose Tyler
The past few days have been lazy. I only have one more episode of Orphan Black to watch; that show is really good! Now I know why everyone kind of went nuts over one point I was watching and I was like "wow she can do the other woman's accent really well!" but then I was all lolololol it's the same actress. But yeah, another good show.

I had never bought anything from eBay before, but I did a couple weeks ago. There was a good price on a DVD set I wanted, so I got it. Then like 4 hours after I bought it eBay removed all the seller's listings. The seller said he would still ship it out. Well, I got it today and...yeah. It was advertised as "brand new" which this is not. The plastic case is all scuffed up and at the bottom is kind of torn, and the DVDs were dirty and smudged and some have scratches on the bottom. I just emailed the seller to ask for a refund...lets hope he gives one. Needless to say, I won't ever buy from eBay again. Or least a very long time idk.

Yesterday, on a whim, I bought this blue mascara that makes my eyelashes bright blue. It's pretty nifty. Then last night I was watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. This is weird for me because I haven't worn makeup regularly since high school. What's going on with me LOL. I have to be careful though because my eyes are kind of downturned or whatever (my mom says I could impersonate a crossdressing Elvis because I kind of have eyes like his), and if I don't do it right my eyes look very droopy.

Our plan this week has been to clean around the house a lot. Things have gotten really messy and unorganized and we need to call people in to fix things (such as the refrigerator). Ugh, such a pain. The only thing about a family living in the same for 25+ years is that soooo much clutter accumulates.

~so exciting~

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I always forget that the clones are played by one person. Not only do they all look alike,Tatiana Maslany doesn't really look like any of the clones in real life. It's crazy!

I looked to see what she looks like for real, and wow she does look different. She can make her looks really versatile. I can't wait until I'm caught up so I can read about how they filmed it because they do really well with the "same person in the frame multiple times" thing lol

Goodness, I used to wear blue mascara (and blue eyeliner) back in the day. :)

Sorry about your ebay purchase. Hope you get a refund.

I've always worn black eyeliner and mascara, so this should be interesting!

The guy responded and said he would give me a refund. It's only fair.

Ugh, eBay. I think my dad buys stuff on there but mostly magazines and car related stuff. DVDs I guess are a gamble, but I hope he gives you a refund because it clearly isn't as advertised and you have proof.

As for makeup, I haven't worn any since middle school unless it's a super special occasion. I wore it because my friends wore it but it bleached my shirts and just messed everything up so I stopped. I try it now and really like watching makeup tutorials but I just don't do it. My skin has cleared up a lot since then so I don't really feel the need to wear it, aside from making me look older. I suck at mascara so I basically just stay away.

Cleaning the house, I hear you on the clutter. I was emptying my room in NY and was like omg I have a ton of stuff. Luckily most was easy to get rid of, but there's always stuff you want to keep but can't find a place more, like graduation stuff and books lol. I hope everything goes well and you find a new peace from you clean house.

The eBay guy is going to give me a refund, thankfully. I was ready to make a fuss because I paid for something "new". Maybe I just had a bad experience and it isn't so bad all in all....

How did it bleach your shirts? I used to wear it because I had to wear it for dance performances so I was used to putting it on all the time, but also because my friends wore it. But I'm okay at putting mascara on (I can do it without looking lol) but I suck at putting on top liner thinly. I'm used to piling it on for dance/stage/

omg I can't even imagine having to move all my stuff, so having to move your NY stuff must've been a pain.

Yay for the eBay refund!

I think I was using an Acne specific make-up, and that along with doing Proactive (omg never again) would bleach where my chin hit my collar when I got dressed. I'm not too bad with mascara but I can't do eye liner and whenever I do powder (when I should be doing foundation) it either doesn't do anything or makes it obvious that I'm wearing make-up.

Moving all my stuff sorta sucked. I put it all in boxes, which was mostly books and the like, and have yet to figure out how to get them moved to CA. Everything is so expensive and it's really like 5 boxes so I don't need a POD or a whole truck, ugh. At least my parents don't mind holding it for me for now.

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