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Oscar talk
Matt Smith | stripes

So the Oscars are tonight! I watched many of the movies nominated for things so I wanted to jot down my thoughts about them. (let's hope the HTML doesn't bork since the lj app likes to do that)

Best Picture
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Misérables
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Dark Zero Thirty

I really want Les Misérables to win. I really do think it's the best all around and I enjoyed it the most. My second choice that I would also be extremely pleased with winning would be Life of Pi; it was just so majestic and portrayed. Next choice would be Beasts of the Southern Wild which was surprise hit to me and very magical. After that it's all hard to judge; I assume Argo is going to win since it's won every other award and that's always a good judge for the Oscar, but to me it was only an average movie? And Silver Linings Playbook to me was also very average. But Lincoln was also very good and I'd much rather than win than Argo.

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Bradley Cooper
Daniel Day-Lewis
Hugh Jackman
Joaquin Phoenix
Denzel Washington

I would love for Hugh to win, but DDL has got this for sure. Joaquin was also A+ in The Master (which was an interesting movie as well). Bradley surprised me in a good way with his performance. And Denzel pretty much carried Flight IMO.

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Jessica Chastain
Jennifer Lawrence
Emmanuelle Riva
Quvenzhané Wallis
Naomi Watts

Okay so I would love Jessica to win because she's been so great in other things, and she was the shining part in Dark Zero Thirty, but Naomi Watts is my favorite here (The Impossible was so so great I cried so much). Though I think Emmanuelle may win it, which she would deserve. Quvenzhané was great, and I hope she does more things soon. Jennifer was good but sorry internet I don't think she's the best in this category.

Actor in a Supporting Role
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is my favorite, Tommy Lee Jones as well. Christoph Waltz is great as always but yeah. Then whatever for Alan Arkin and Robert De Niro.

Actress in a Supporting Role
Anne Hathaway for Fantine, of course! No other choices here. Although Amy Adams was very great in The Master and Sally Field was great too, and I liked Helen in The Sessions (which was a very cute movie btw), Anne has this. I would bet money on it, because it's the only one I'm really sure about.

As for other ones, I'd like to see Ang Lee get the award for directing, though it's close between him and Spielberg. I'm pretty sure Moonrise Kingdom will get best original screenplay, though I'd like to see Django Unchained get it. I am no judge for the best adapted screenplays since I've read none of the source material, but Life of Pi would be great.

I would love to see Les Misérables too take all the awards tbh. But I would also love to see lots of the movies take home some awards, since I liked a majority of the movies.

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For me my second choice for best supporting actress is actually Helen Hunt because Amy Adams didn't really have a lot to do in The Master IMO (or maybe I just didn't notice because I was so busy being blown away by Joaquin Phoenix' acting *g*).

And Denzel pretty much carried Flight IMO.

THIS! I really didn't get this movie,why did it score an adapted screenplay nod instead of Les Mis??? At this point I honestly see the Best Picture nomination for Les Mis as a pity nom or something because if the voters really liked it then they should have nominated it for Director and/or adapted screenplay as well...

The Impossible was so so great I cried so much

Eeep,me too! I was completely done when the brothers reunited. Gross sobbing until the end tbh!

Well my predictions were about half and half lol. I really didn't expect Jennifer to take best actress but she did! I have no idea why Flight had best adapted screenplay. Everything else that could have been nominated I think Les Mis was a pity nomination for best picture, now that you mention it.

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